Wooden floor Refurbishment                                                     

While you might think your current wood flooring is ready for the skip, we can probably advise you otherwise. Cleanwell professional offer a restoration service (sand and seal) that will reinstate your floor to its previous glory. We offer the best restoration service you are likely to find.        It consists of several steps, including:

1.The floor will be sanded several times starting with a coarse grade sanding sheet and ending with a fine grade. This is to clean the floor of any old treatments, dust, scratches and stains as well as to level the floor as much as possible.

2. Sanding the perimeter with an edging sander to achieve a clean surface as close to the skirting boards as possible.

3. Step 3 is the one that gives your floor its final appearance. Using an orbital sander we achieve a very smooth and polished look which is the preparation for the finish.

4. We finish the floor as per customers requirements, applying several coats of lacquer to protect the floor from future wear and tear. All materials used have been tested and proven over many years of experience.

Why we make a difference

Most of the work is being done by the proprietor himself who has over ten years of experience in the field and is dedicated to quality flooring. Attention to detail is of an utmost importance, shortcut is a forbidden word and responsibility is evident in every corner.

Trust our experience

We have over ten years of experience in character properties and modern houses with wide boards, parquet blocks and engineered wood